Trillectro 2014 came and went. I’ve been a mainstay 3 of 3 years. The evolution of this one-of-a-kind daylong festival of Hip-Hop & Trap-EDM. It’s where hip-hop meets the uprising EDM genre. Not going to front like I wasn’t skeptical of the line-up — the headliners in particular. However, you have to tip your snapback to the Trillectro team on that much. It was a ballsy move. I can go on about that, but this is my personal sounding board. So when it’s written here, it’s likely to piss a few people off. Hope that won’t be the case here. 

This year was different for me as an attendee. This year, was granted media access. The third party PR Agency was the media access gatekeeping entity for this year’s festival. The E-mail confirmation that gave the green light was enough to begin planning our coverage angles, etc. 

Fast forward to the day of. My project team and I showed up to media check-in and they were extremely nice and professional. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but notice all we were handed was 3 general admission tickets. My inquisitive self just had to double check what these tickets represented and what type of access does this give us. What happened next was the signature moment that will never ever sit well with me. We were assured by the said PR entity that all we would need is the 3 tickets that we were handed. Albeit weird — I took their word for it. Needless to say, things weren’t all good. I won’t get into all the details of how it went down. 

I ran into other groups that felt like they received jank media creds. So at this point my project management mind kicked in. Thank God that was trumped by my initial emotion. I was infuriated! Especially, after I tried to go through the proper channels to make it right. That attempt failed. We realized that we were left to sink or swim on our own. 

To me, this is just a classic case of managing projects. A project is always on schedule until it’s not. Our 3-person crew divid up responsibilities. It’s amazing how resourceful I can be when I have people counting on me and believing in the mission. Throughout the day, the team kept brining back dope shots and footage. After spending a couple of hours of talking to people, I was able to find out who in my network had the juice. I’ll leave it at that. I must say, the rain surely helped, because it put everyone under the Reebok showcase tent. It became a who’s who spectacle. Definitely worked in my favor. Shoutout to Mother Nature!!!

The day went on and the rain stopped. We were able to capture some good stuff given the circumstances. I look at it and I can only imagine how far we can take it with full access. 

I believe trillectro is important to the Hip-Hop/EDM culture and to DC in general. I will continue to support this event forever. I believe it’s necessary. I hope no one confuses this post as a bash or sneak diss, etc. It’s just my personal Tumblr rant of the day from my lens. will feature all of the best Trillectro content we captured along with the editorial aspect.

Just want to give a shoutout to Kev, who’s one of the best photo/film pros I know. And Alex, who is one of the most creative introverts I know. Couldn’t do this without either of you! 

- @itsJustDjackson

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Essco Scorsese  
Mitchy DeCaprio
OG Lee



Essco Scorsese
Mitchy DeCaprio
OG Lee

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"Does she get drunk and ruin family parties?"

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